Hello and Welcome!

As both a nutrition therapist and a personal trainer, I can help you learn to nourish and care for your body from the inside out.

  • Stuck in a food rut that leaves you feeling helpless, guilty, exhausted, overweight and poorly fueled?
  • Moving your body too little or too much, or working out to compensate for and legitimize eating?
  • Are you are the parent of a child struggling with eating issues and body worries?
  • Or maybe you are an athlete who wants to maximize performance?

My services include nutrition tune-ups, weight loss, eating disorders, women’s issues & PCOS, sports nutrition, platinum services, and personal training. I work with all ages and particularly love and specialize in working with teen-aged girls and women.

Amy Peck

“Food is one of life’s great pleasures. My goal is to help people embrace happy and healthy eating experiences and learn to move their bodies with confidence and strength. We are all bombarded with way too much diet and exercise information. Let me help you simplify your life by finding a way to take care of your body that is easy and works over your lifetime.”