Nutrition Tune-Up

girleats_bigPeriodically we all need a nutrition tune-up. Perhaps you recently had a ‘big’ birthday and want to think about ways to improve your health over the coming decade. Maybe you are feeling tired lately, lack energy, or are making poor food choices and feeding your family fast food a little too often. Are you confused by all the choices in the vitamin aisle and wonder if you should be taking supplements and if so, which ones? Or perhaps your doctor told you your cholesterol is high or your blood sugar is creeping up. Now is a great time for a nutrition tune up!

Your nutrition tune will help you assess where you are now and set specific, realistic, and achievable short and long-range goals to steer you in a healthier direction. Improving your diet will certainly help you to feel and look better, and will give you more energy to enjoy your life. You may need only one session, though it is often useful to plan a few follow-up sessions to work on specific goals over a period of time.