Patients’ Words

I want to say THANK YOU for two things. The first is for helping me to realize that my eating disorder does not define me as a person and that I have the power to take control of my life. The second is for helping me develop confidence in myself and my abilities. I now wear clothes that actually fit me (I no longer hide in sweatpants unless I choose to be comfortable, not because I feel that I need to conceal my body). At the beginning of the summer, I couldn't run at all and even just walking for a period of time exhausted me. Since meeting you, running has become one of my favorite activities. Last month, I completed my first 5K in under 35 minutes when I completed the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon 5 K event. I ran the entire time and was amazed that I was able to do it.

What I am trying to say is, THANK YOU! Words can not begin to describe how grateful I am ​to​ you for ​helping me to regain my life. ​I will be a BETTER DOCTOR because of the choices and improvements that I am making now.

Just received my lab results and had to show you AND THANK YOU!

I am so relieved that these numbers represent such an improvement over prior years. You have been guiding me every step of the way, and I recognize (and appreciate) that a big part of my success is entirely due to you.I honestly cannot thank you enough.

I just wanted to shoot you an email to thank you for all the work you have done with my daughter. While I know there will still be difficult times she really seems to have turned a corner. We had such a nice day today, she actually asked to join me for a food shop at Whole Foods. She diligently pulled out her list and proceeded to shop for herself. More importantly she seemed to really enjoy the experience and then she and I made omelets together. It's been quite some time since Hayley has enjoyed food. The entire experience she has had with you has been so positive. You met her where she was at and she seems to have embraced each session. Thanks Amy!

Everything I learned from the meetings with you helped me change my diet for the better, and it has certainly helped me a lot in sports. I wanted to thank you so much. I feel so much healthier than I was last year and some people have even commented on it. I really just wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me, and thank you for the nutrition advice.

As much as I feel like the past three years of my life have been wasted thinking so much about losing weight, trying to control what I ate, bingeing or not bingeing and trying to over exercise, I think I am a stronger person knowing I could fight through it…I do want to thank you for everything you have done for me. As corny as this is I feel like you saved my life in a way. It means so much!

Amy helped me find a balance between healthy eating and exercise.  When I first came to her she did not jump to conclusions about why I was there, but instead dissected my eating habits very methodically.  This was a first glimpse of how much Amy cared about her patients, both regulars and new.  I always felt comfortable talking to Amy because I saw her as a friend who was there to guide me in the right direction.

I just wanted to thank you so much for coming in to talk to my students. They all came away with great information to take with them to college! I think that they also appreciated the "practice what you preach" as well because they thought that you looked great and were probably much younger than you are! :) I told them that that is what health looks like!!

In terms of empathy, you somehow just got it. I felt so understood, like....huuugely understood. And I felt lucky to be in the position of having access to this understanding regularly. I felt so much less alone and I felt like my needs were being directly catered to. Its important to have a nutritionist in EDs who isn't black or white and understands that there is a larger picture at play. You provided that understanding of the gray area in a very artful way. Its like you did a dance with the textbooks and your intuition and catered it to me as an individual. It hugely helped. You helped, just by being you, and by being in the position to help. Just thought I'd let you know that!! Because its important.